Why Men Pull Away from Women


Why Men Pull Away from Women

Have you ever wondered why men pull away from women in a relationship? You probably have, because it is a very common question and it is a source of frustration for a lot of women. The good news is that it is a question that can be answered. The bad news is that there are multiple answers because there are a number of reasons why men pull away.

He Pulls Away after Sex

This scenario is all too common. A man is attracted to you, he is pursuing you, you have sex with him, and then you never see him again. The reason that this happens is because some men are not looking for, or are not ready for, a relationship. A lot of men enjoy a challenge and hooking up with an attractive woman is a challenge. It’s sad but true that a lot of men are in it for the thrill of the hunt and have no intention of entering into a committed relationship.

The obvious solution to this problem is to not give it up so early in a relationship. Take some time for the two of you to really get to know each other. Make sure that you like each other and do your best to see what his intentions are before taking your relationship to the next level. While some men are just pigs who are looking to hook up and move on, there are plenty of good men out there who truly want to find a loving relationship and a life partner.

He Pulls Away When He Is Going through a Difficult Time

Sometimes a man will pull away from a woman when he is going through a challenging time in his life. If the two of you are in the early stages of a relationship and he loses his job, has a death in the family, or has some other major issue to deal with, he may pull away from you. As a woman it may be hard to understand. After all, you want to be there for him to help him through a difficult situation.

The problem is that a lot of men have been raised and conditioned to take care of their problems on their own. A man doesn’t want anyone’s help, he just wants to solve his own problems. When a man is going through a difficult time he may not call, text, or e-mail you as often as he once did. There is a chance that the relationship could end but if you are patient and understanding and you give him some time, things may go back to the way they were before.

He Pulls Away When Things Are Going Great

This scenario is more difficult to understand because logically, it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe you have been dating for a while now. You talk to each other every day and the two of you are beginning to fall in love. Suddenly, he stops calling so often; he calls maybe once or twice a week. It doesn’t make sense, things were going great and now he seems distant and uninterested.

There may be a number of reasons for this type of behavior. One reason might be that he has been hurt before and would rather sabotage his relationship than be dumped by a woman he is falling in love with. Another reason simply has to do with the psychology of men. When a relationship starts to get serious, some men need to take a little time to themselves to make sure they don’t lose their sense of self. He might see himself becoming “us” instead of “me” so he may pull away and take some time to rediscover and reaffirm his own identity.

How you react when this happens makes all the difference. When a man starts to pull away, the natural inclination of a lot of women is to chase after him. If a man pulls away and you begin to pursue him more aggressively, you may only push him further away. On the other hand, if a man pulls away and you make no effort to contact him, this can also be damaging to the relationship. You need to find the balance between giving him the space he needs when he pulls away and completely shutting him out. If you give him the space he needs without cutting him off completely, it is likely that he will soon be back to pursuing you the way he was at the very beginning of your relationship.

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