How to Get a Guy Want You

The Key to Getting His Attention Is Not What You Think

how to make a guy want you How many times have you gone out on a date with a handsome man wanting it to work into something more?  And during that date you think you’ve said all the right things, acted the way ladies should, and waited for a call the next day to plan your next date, but never get that call?

One experience like that is disappointing.  Two is agony and three…well, that’s when despair kicks in and you question yourself.  “What am I doing wrong?”  By this time you may be desperate to learn how to get a guy want you.

The good news is that I am going to give you the key to getting him interested.   But oddly enough, I’m pretty sure that it’s not what you think.  And in fact, it may go completely against everything you’ve been taught or read about the topic.

See, most women, myself included at one time, are under this misguided notion that one way you get a man to want you is to play hard to get.  Or, another thought is to shower him with affection and put him at the center of your attention.

The truth is…that is not how to make a guy want you.  In fact, those are actually a couple of the best ways to make him want to leave you alone or stay away.
Okay, sure.  You may capture his fascination and interest for a just a little bit, but that will only last for a short period of time.  If that is all you’re interested in from him, then I say go for it.

But if you want more from him, like several more dates, and maybe even a long term relationship…then there is another path you’ll want to take.

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If you want more than to just get him interested then you’ll want to implement this one key to make a man want you.  That key is this.  Oh, and don’t worry…if you’ve tried the other two techniques listed above, you’ll be great at using this method.

The key has everything to do with coming to know and appreciate the real man inside.  Does that sound silly?  Really, it shouldn’t.  After all, who doesn’t want to be appreciated for who they are?  Put yourself in his shoes for a moment.  Deep down, isn’t that what you want…what we all want?

For the men though, they want to be appreciated for their male internal attributes…well, and external too.    But internally, it’s about respecting is mental and emotional strength, his intelligence, his courage, his wisdom, etc.

Notice how I said respecting, not worshiping those things.  I wanted to clarify because going overboard is where we can lose him.

So, what does this scenario look like in a real life encounter?

Well let’s say the guy you want asks you out on a date.  So the two of you go out.  You start asking questions to get to know each other better and you find out he is a lawyer.  Here’s the important part.

Keep asking the questions.  Find out about his cases. Stayed tuned in.   Listen to what he says. Ask him about some of his most difficult cases.  How did he feel about the decisions made in those cases?  DO NOT ask him how much money he makes or important people he may have met along the way.

Why is this how to make a guy want you?  Because it shows that you are interested in HIM, not what he can give you because of him income or who he knows.

(This example is described in much more detail and better than this article conveys if you click on this link ==> how to make a guy want you.)

Show that you really respect and want to know the man he is.  Focus your attention and questions about the real him and he will surely focus his attention on you.  This is how to win a guy over and make a man want you.

This is how you’ll be sure to get that next phone call AND a second date!

(This is just one of the keys to getting the man you want to want you.  Want all the things you need to know to getting a guy you want?  Click here.)

2 Responses to “How to Get a Guy Want You”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Loved your second paragraph.
    From a guy’s perspective just trying to secure a date is hard work. Just think about how many times you have been hit on and have not responded. That is the equivalent to not getting that call.
    It is totally demoralizing.
    I should imagine then that for a woman who agrees to go on a date and not get the call as you described here would be totally perplexing.
    Mmmmm…………..why oh why does it work out this way?
    Nice article all round BTW.

    • make a guy want you says:


      Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s great to hear from a guy’s point of view and I agree, it’s dating and getting him or her to want you is hard whether you are a guy or girl. Understanding where each is coming from is a HUGE step toward getting it to happen.

      Thanks again and best wishes to you,


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