7 Tips on How to Get a Guy to Want to Be With You

how to get a guy to commitHave you found The One? Consider yourself lucky. You are one of the few fortunate people on this planet to make the right moves and take the right roads to finally end up in the arms of someone who loves you and understands you. He is everything you want in a man and all you could ever consider wanting, so you tell yourself that you are indeed ready to make that commitment to a relationship with him.

The problem is, it seems you are the only one. The great guy you have known for a long while seems oblivious to your intentions and quite content with the status quo. So how do you take it to the next level? What do you do to make him take the next step?

Learn how to get a guy to want to be with you on a long term basis with these tips:

Make him No. 1.
Your guy wants to feel that he – and only he – is the king of the castle. For that, show him some royal treatment. Make him feel extra special by showing him that he is loved, regardless of his weaknesses and insecurities. Let him know he is the man for you and show him why you and you alone are the woman for him.

Do not push it.
As effective as being aggressive can be in certain situations, when you want to get the guy to say yes to a long-term relationship, the worst thing you can do is to push him to do it. Men like to take charge and they want to feel that any commitment they make was decided on because they wanted it. If your man ever feels or thinks that someone (that includes you) pushed him to do something, he may feel resentful towards the very idea. If you want him to to want to be with you, let him discover this truth by himself…with a few helpful hints from you, of course.

Be there for him.
Your guy needs to know that he is able to communicate and confide with you. He can let his guard down and let you in to see the real him.  Let him know that what he says is safe with you and then make good with your promise. Ask questions that show him you truly care about him, not what he can give you.  Men do not open their hearts to just anyone and if your guy lets you know his innermost secrets, then that means he trusts you. That also means you are on the right track. However, tread carefully so as not to break that trust.

When men open up, they want you to be there, to listen, but not fix their problems. Each time your guy confides about work, his boss, his car or his innermost secrets, he simply wants you to listen and may not necessarily need your advice. Let him know that for him, you are all ears and that his secrets are in a safe place.

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Get his friends on your side.
This is not about sucking up to his friends just to win his favor – it is about allowing yourself to get to know the wonderful people who make up his trusted circle of friends. Yes, like women, men also rely on their friends for advice. Spend time and some effort to get to know his friends, especially his closest and best friend. Ask about them, know what is going on in their lives and allow them to get to know you. Who knows? You will be pleasantly surprised at this wonderful new opportunity to make more friends.

Give him space.
Counterproductive? Not so. Men like to have some space (and privacy) to do their own business and they always appreciate women who understand this need. Giving him time alone will also help you do what you want to do. As romantic as it may be to always spend time together, there will always be moments when both of you need to be by yourselves to fully appreciate the fact that you cannot be without each other.

Live your own life.
You are an individual and so is your guy. Perhaps you have a hobby, an interest or a passion for doing something that does not always require the other to be around.

Do it then. Spending some time apart will let him miss you and realize that he cannot and should not be without you. So go ahead, live your life, do what interests you and have fun with your own circle of friends. You are your own person. The more you become better, the more he will love you.

Let him know.
Do you want to take the next step further? Then let him know you would like him to be there when you do. This is one important step in your life together, which is why your guy needs to know. Once he understands that you are not drifting aimlessly together but are headed for a bright future instead, he will step up and be the man for you.

Taking these simply approaches is how to get a guy to want to be with you.  Before long, you’ll start seeing a difference and you’ll soon find a ring on your finger.

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7 Responses to “7 Tips on How to Get a Guy to Want to Be With You”

  1. David says:

    You are so right! Give them their space. We hate being smothered!!!

  2. Angela Gracelyn says:

    I just don’t believe some men know how to commit. But you do offer some good points. I have been married for five years and my husband still hasn’t committed… Good luck ladies!

    • make a guy want you says:


      Thank you for the laugh and comment. Do you currently implement some of the tactics referenced?

  3. Emily says:

    I try to be there for my man, but he just shuts me out. So what am I suppose to do? More advice would be nice. Great blog you have, but I need more help on this topic.

  4. […] Getting a guy to commit is a complicated matter for it involves the feelings of both a man and a woman. To get a guy to commit requires time and understanding in order to avoid getting hurt in the end. […]

  5. make a guy want you says:


    It sometimes feels like a fine line you’re walking, huh? Give him space so he doesn’t feel smothered as David said, but too much space can make it feel like you don’t care.

    The key is to initiate the process by asking questions that help him to open up without forcing him to talk about how he feels.

    If something did something at work that made him angry, then a question might be, “What was it about what he did that you didn’t like?” That question verses why did it make you feel that way? Can you see the difference in those approaches?

    Good luck,

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